The doctors stated to that had I not been wearing the Tummy Shield it would have been a very different outcome. We go to all extremes to look after safety, our safety, our chilren’s safety, in the car. And looking after our unborn children is no different.


Keira - Wollongong


Keira's Testimonial Video - Watch Here



I was lucky to discover the Tummy Shield at Ali Landry’s event this years, just as I turned 5 months pregnant. I can’t believe I had not encountered this product before, it is simple and so perfect! I love that it allows my growing bump to not feel the pressure of the seat belt, all the while keeping me and baby safe. Comfort and safety make a good combo during pregnancy. It is also very easy to install and take out. Simple as water, and just as important during these precious 9 months.


Leonor Valera, Actress

This is one item that is a must have for all pregnant women. It was such a comfort to know that I did everything in my power to protect my unborn child from injuries if I was in an accident


Jacinda Montano

I am just entering my 6th month of pregnancy and am so glad I have it. In the early part of my pregnancy, my tummy wasn’t huge, however it was extremely uncomfortable to have anything pressing on my lower abdomen, so the Tummy Shield was a huge comfort. And now as I continue to grow and feel this little person inside me, I am grateful knowing that I’m keeping him safe. Personally for me, I feel it’s 100% safer than without!


Shiloh Johnson


Hi, I just wanted to leave some feedback in regards to the Tummy Shield. I have recently given birth to our first child, a beautiful baby girl and I just wanted to thank you for a great product which really gave me extra peace of mind during my pregnancy. My husband and I saw the Tummy Shield at the Melbourne Baby Show in February 2009 and decided it would be a worthwile investment.


As I drove to work every day, having the Tummy Shield really gave me peace of mind and it was easy to change it to the passenger seat when I wasn\'t driving which was great too. I really wouldn\'t have felt comfortable with the the lap sash across my abdomen, particularly in late pregnancy, so this was a great solution. At first most of my friends and family were sceptical about the idea, but once they saw the product and thought about it, they were all really impressed. I\'ll definitely be using it again for any subsequent pregnancies. Thanks for a great Australian product! Regards, Fiona




Hello, I ordered and received a Tummy Shield around a week or so ago. I am sooo happy with it and would happily recommednd it to every pregnant woman. I think they should actually be compulsary. I travel an hour to work and an hour home each day and it makes me feel so much safer about spending that time in the car. I used to be quite anxious about travel to and from work, but the Tummy Shield has given me the confidence to keep travelling. Well done and a big thank you to all involved in the creation of this truly fabulous product.




I bought  the tummy shield when I found out my wife was pregnant. When she was 34 weeks, the brakes on her car failed and she ran into a tree at low speed. She was checked over by our Obstetrician, she has some minor bruises on her upper thighs, but the baby is fine and safe thanks to the tummy shield protecting her stomach from her belt. Thanks.


Troy-Wahroonga NSW


Since purchasing your cushion I stopped arguing with my husband about wearing a seatbelt, now I get in the car slip the belt under the hook, and I say “this is great”, thank you tummy shield.


Kate-Coral Cove, QLD


I have not worn a seatbelt from the 5th or 6th month on my previous two pregnancies, since I got your cushion, I can’t believe how simple and comfortable it is now, wearing a seatbelt. I’m now 7 months and can’t imagine not wearing a seatbelt. It’s amazing!


Irena-Newcastle, NSW


I’m a saleswoman, on the road all day everyday, since we discovered that I’m pregnant I have been in constant argument with my husband about work and driving, I promised my husband I will quit work once my tummy gets bigger and uncomfortable. I'm trying to continue working as long as possible as we can not afford the loss of income. Now, since I got your cushion; problem solved, I feel more secure and my husband can’t believe a simple solution to such a huge problem, I’m working and comfy & safely driving, thanks heaps.


Sharon-Brighton, Vic


I have a confession to make, when I placed the order for your tummy shield I felt really guilty as we can not afford it. I spoke to my partner, I told him that “there is a 14 days trial period”, we agreed that I try it for a few days and then return it. After using it for a week, I said to my partner “I can’t return it, I’m so used to it, it’s making driving and wearing a seatbelt so much easier, I’m keeping it.”


Sorry for the long feedback, but I thought you will like my story.


Lauren-Cherrybrook, NSW


Just wanted to say a very big thank you for speedily getting my Tummy Shield to me. I have used it heaps over the last week while away on holiday and found it to be extremely comfortable and easy to use. Many thanks again,


Sharon-Sydney, NSW


I’m a paediatrician and I’m fully aware of the danger of driving while pregnant, I refused to wear a seatbelt during my first pregnancy, since I bought your tummy shield I have been using it constantly. I find it simple to use and very comfortable, thank you.


Helen-Darlington, WA


Your tummy shield cushion was recommended to me by my best friend, we are both pregnant. She told me how great it is and she gave it to me for a few days to try, I loved it. I bought one of my own and I use it constantly. I have been booked once for not wearing a seatbelt in my previous pregnancy and I still refused to wear a seatbelt. Now, with tummy shield cushion, I have no problem wearing a seatbelt. I think this cushion should be made compulsory and somehow subsidised by medicare.





Below are extracts from ABG (Australian Baby Guide) Independent Test Drive

Tester 1:

Re:ABG Road Test: Tummy Shield


Hi everyone - I am sorry for the delay but have been a bit under the weather. Mind you, that didnt stop me from getting out and about on the weekend to test out my new Tummy Shield! Here is my feedback, based on the specific questions asked at the beginning of the forum;


Did you find the Tummy Shield easy to set up and use?

I dont ever like to start off on a negative, however, my only real criticism of the product is actually the strap that attaches the TS to your car seat. The buckle system is very fiddly which would not be a problem if you were planning to set and forget it on one seat in one car however we need the flexibility of moving it from driver to passenger seat and from one vehicle to another. Perhaps an actual buckle would allow the product to be more flexible?


Once installed, it is REALLY easy to use – you simply pop your car seat belt under the hook at the front and away you go!


Updated version comes with a quick release buckle, similar to seatbelt buckle. (Respond from Tummy Shield)


Was it comfortable and did it make you feel more secure?

It is VERY comfortable. I enjoyed the feeling of sitting up a bit higher (the cushion you sit on is about an inch thick), even though I drive a Ford Territory which is quite a high car anyway. I definitely felt more secure which is SUCH a great feeling, especially in this late (and large) stage of the pregnancy.


Would you recommend the Tummy Shield to other pregnant women?

Yes, I absolutely would. It gives peace of mind and a feeling of security – two things usually much needed by delicate pregnant mamas! It also adds to your general physical comfort - great for zipping about town or a long trip.


What do you think of the rrp?

I only read about this product about half way through this, my third and last, pregnancy so opted not to spend the $199 RRP at that stage of the game. That said, if I had known about it during my first or second pregnancy I would definitely have bought one, knowing it would last another couple of pregnancies. I think it is a sound investment.


It’s just a shame I cant enjoy it for longer – only 3 weeks to go! Once I am finished with it I was also planning to offer to pass it on to another pregnant mama in the forum. Preferably someone in Sydney as it weighs quite a lot and would be tricky to post. Pen - how would you like us to manage this?


Thanks so much to ABG and Tummy Shield for the opportunity of trialling and enjoying this fabulous product.


I am very grateful.


Tester 2:


And now re. actually using the Tummy Shield:

1. So far so good! It's very comfortable and I like being that little bit higher up (did have to move the steering wheel to accomodate the change in height). Not sure how that would go if you have a smaller car (am driving a 4WD Pajero) & you're a tall person (I am not) mind you.


2. I love not feeling the need to check that the belt is under my bump all the time.


3. When all is said and done, safe in the knowlegde that the TS cannot do me any harm (altho one should note there is increased risk of thigh bruising or fracture in a crash), and may well do my baby a lot of good in the event of an accident, I am more than happy to be able to wear it for the rest of my pregnancy & fully intend to do so. Obviously no user can say for sure that the Tummy Shield can save an unborn child's life unless they have - god forbid - a very bad accident, so we must rely on the manufacturer's word regarding how well the product will work in such an event. But for sure it's good for a little additional peace of mind.


I'll post again before the roadtest deadline (20th August) if anything changes.


Pen, thanks again for the opportunity. I wouldn't have bought one due to the cost so it is great to have this chance to do that little bit extra that makes me feel a little more comfortable about driving when pregnant, especially as I'm a learner driver. Once I have had my little girl I'm happy to pass the Tummy Shield on to someone else on the forum.


We sincerely apologise for not listing all testimonies. Due to the huge number received, we decided to select some that summed up most of the testimonies.


We also wish to thank the husbands and partners that sent their thanks and appreciation.