Does the Tummy Shield fit all cars?

Yes, the Tummy Shield will fit any car with a 3 point seatbelt system.


When should I start using the Tummy Shield?

We recommend you start using the Tummy Shield as soon as pregnancy is confirmed.


What is the difference between the Tummy Shield and other cheaper pregnancy belts?

ALL other products on the market only lower the location of the seatbelt, which, in our opinion, will still expose the baby to serious injury during a crash or sudden braking. Other products use standard clips or Velcro to secure seatbelt low on abdomen area, the Tummy Shield is the only product in the market that uses high tensile steel to Re-Direct Seatbelt Away from abdomen area and only product that is crash tested at high speed. Our tests have shown that seatbelt pressure during a crash or sudden braking could be as high as 2 ton (4409 lbs), only the Tummy Shield is designed and tested to withstand this force. Please see "Facts You Should Know" for more details.


Can I continue to use the Tummy Shield after giving birth?

Sure, if you feel comfortable using the Tummy Shield you can continue using for as long as you like.


Is the Tummy Shield suitable for a c-section?

Absolutely, we received numerous feedback from mums that were able to drive much earlier, almost immediately after a c-section, because of the Tummy Shield.


What is the extra piece supplied is for?

The extra piece is for adjustment, if needed the extra piece is used to move the hook forward.