About Tummy Shield


Revolutionary Next-Generation Car Safety Device For Pregnant Mums

Your baby is generally well-protected inside your belly. However, driving or riding in a car is a different story altogether.

The Tummy Shield™ gives you the peace of mind you’re doing everything in your power to protect your precious cargo from injury or death in the event of a car crash — or even a sudden stop!

But the Tummy Shield™ didn’t just happen by chance. It was the result of one father’s unfortunate driving experience with his own family.

You see, one day an Australian engineer was traveling in a car with his wife, who was about 7 months pregnant with their first child. With little warning, he swerved sharply to avoid an accident, hit a curb and came to a sudden stop.

No one appeared to be seriously injured. Yet, his wife sustained minor bruising on her pregnant tummy from the seat belt violently compressing across her abdomen. Secretly, she worried about the health of her unborn baby.

Even though she carried to full-term, both mum and dad noticed shortly after birth that their daughter failed to progress mentally and physically, appropriate to her age.



Doctors Confirmed Their Worst Nightmare

Their daughter had sustained a brain injury sometime during the pregnancy. Heartbroken, both mum and dad immediately suspected—even KNEW— It happened because their car’s seat belt system failed to protect their unborn baby during a seemingly minor accident!

Frustrated and angered, they realised they had done everything right. Yet it still wasn’t enough!

Then, pregnant with their second child and worried about a possible repeat, dad searched high and low for a device he could give his wife to better protect their next unborn baby from injury—maybe even death. One that would remove the dangerous forces of the seat belt away from his wife’s pregnant belly.

Only…none could be found.

So, as an engineer, he took matters into his own hands…and the Tummy Shield™ was born!

With cutting edge technology and his ground-breaking innovation, one father gave every concerned mum the missing piece of their car safety puzzle…

A seat belt system that effectively protects an unborn baby from devastating injury or death in the event of a car crash or even a sudden stop.


Every Day, 8 Unborn Babies DIE in a Car Crash—Even While “Safely Strapped In”—Leaving Mum Reeling in Unbearable Guilt, Anger, and Loneliness…and Wondering, “WHAT IF?”

You Can Stop the Heartache Before It Happens to You!

In fact, even after just the first use, you’ll see how this simple cutting-edge technology and innovation can:

  • Dramatically boost the safety of your current vehicle restraint system…
  • Reduce your anxiety about driving or riding in a car while pregnant…
  • Make wearing a seat belt feel comfortable again—even during your third trimester…
  • Increase protection for you and your unborn baby when traveling in a vehicle…